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A new post, a new city!

I’ve just started a new post at Sheffield Hallam University, where I will be leading the MA Autism programme and teaching on other undergraduate and postgraduate courses. After a difficult summer of job-hunting, this is a welcome surprise–especially since this was actually the post I most coveted as a post-doc five years ago!

For me, the most positive aspects are that I’m joining a team of fantastic people, and it’s a programme with a strong basis in the social model of disability. Oh, and it’s in Sheffield, one of my favourite cities 🙂

I’m still scrambling to get up to speed on University systems and practices, and with a new module to develop over the next three weeks and others to prepare for (and two conference papers to complete and deliver) you can be sure that there won’t be much time for blogging. Be sure to check out the Autism Centre’s own blog, which I’m following, for updates on all the things we are doing as a team, and you can look forward to bits of news and announcements from me as well.

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