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Brian Deer: Wakefield ‘MMR mother’ fabricated injury story

Brian Deer: Wakefield 'MMR mother' fabricated injury story.

What a desperately sad story for everyone concerned: the child, now a young adult who has been subject to unecessary interventions that wasted his time and made him more susceptible to harm, and who now faces loss of contact with loved family members, the family who have been ripped off and deceived to the point of self-delusion, and the staff members who have been manipulated and made subject to demands they cannot and should not meet.

It should be a serious wake-up call to parents, care staff, school staff, advice workers, health and social care practitioners and local commissioners, and raises thorny issues about both child and adult safeguarding.

I do have an additional concern, however – and that’s the issue of potential jigsaw identification. The way this case has been written about by Brian Deer and others, and the content of the court judgement (which in my opinion could have used nore redaction even though releasing it is clearly in the public interest), has provided enough details to fairly easily identify the family involved. Since it includes details of medical diagnosis and treatment–the person with autism’s and now his mother’s–this makes me uncomfortable.

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