Brian Deer: Wakefield ‘MMR mother’ fabricated injury story

Brian Deer: Wakefield 'MMR mother' fabricated injury story. What a desperately sad story for everyone concerned: the child, now a young adult who has been subject to unecessary interventions that wasted his time and made him more susceptible to harm, and who now faces loss of contact with loved family members, the family who have […]

Lecture and Workshop topics

Lectures and Training That Inform and Motivate Whether the target audience is parents, adults with autism, volunteers, or professionals, I can contribute to your conference, training programme, or lecture series. English is my native language, but I can also speak Dutch if needed. I can cover many essential topics, including: 1. Autism awareness: an introduction […]

Free schools for autism: A step backwards in time

Today the BBC published an article linking Paul Shattock’s parent-funded school for autism, the first residential provision in the UK, to the new “free schools” being set up by parents under current government policy. Sorry, but this is hardly a positive link to make–and knowing Paul well (I used to work with him at the […]

Announcing my new book – Autism: A Social and Medical History

There will be a launch at Sheffield Hallam University on 16 April – contact me if you’d like to come (it’s free). More information about the book, which is available in hardback and Kindle versions, from Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Autism-Medical-Dr-Mitzi-Waltz/dp/0230527507/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1365274566&sr=1-1&keywords=mitzi+waltz

My services as an expert witness

My services as an expert witness.

My services as an expert witness

Sometimes autism impacts on a civil or criminal case. When it does, I am happy to help.

The Autism Centre, Sheffield Hallam wishes you a joyful Christmas and a very happy 2013

Originally posted on The Autism Centre:
Happy Christmas to our Autism Centre community. Here are some tips compiled by Emma Sterland (Guardian Professional 18/12/12) on how to make Christmas a time of fun and celebration for those who prefer their usual routine. http://www.guardian.co.uk/social-care-network/2012/dec/18/learning-disabilities-tips-family-christmas?CMP=twt_gu Have a good one!