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Lecture and Workshop topics

Lectures and Training That Inform and Motivate
Whether the target audience is parents, adults with autism, volunteers, or professionals, I can contribute to your conference, training programme, or lecture series. English is my native language, but I can also speak Dutch if needed.
I can cover many essential topics, including:
1. Autism awareness: an introduction to the autism spectrum
2. Evaluating interventions: Claims, cons, and common sense
3. Autism interventions and ethical issues
4. Education advocacy and planning
5. Tackling transitions and adult issues
6. Autism across the lifespan
7. Building a better world for people with autism and their families
8. Safeguarding and autism
9. Autism in the criminal justice system

Help, Hope, and a Sense of Humour
I can provide up-to-date information in many formats: lectures, question and answer sessions, panel discussions, workshops, and more. Carefully researched, accurate, and delivered in a down to earth, lively style, my presentations have covered a wide variety of issues related to autistic spectrum disorders

Some Recent Presentations
Autisme Europe/National Autistic Society EU safeguarding protocols workshop, London, UK, 2014. Presentation: “Safeguarding and Autism Spectrum Conditions: Protecting children, families and society.”

UK Health, Justice, Learning Disability and Autism Network (National Autistic Society/NHS/Cambian), London, UK, 2014. Presentation: “What health and social care workers need to know about autism and the criminal justice system.”

Vrije Universitieit Amsterdam Disability Studies series, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2014. Presentation: “Insights from Autism: A Social and Medical History.”

UWV-SMZ/DSiN InCompany lecture series, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2014. Presentation: “Self-employment and social enterprises for people with disabilities: Possibilities and cautions.”

Disability Studies in Nederland conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2013. Presentation: “When ‘awareness’ becomes stigma: Representations of autism in charity campaigns and the media, and their impact on people with autism.”

Disability Studies Association conference, Lancaster, UK, 2012. Presentation: “Violence, abuse and the catastrophic model of autism.”

Edge Hill Autism Conference, Lancashire, UK, 2012. Poster presentation: “In-service training for staff at a special school for children on the autism spectrum: Factors in improving education, communication and practice.”

“Managing transitions within education.” The Autism Show, London, UK, 2011

BILD-accredited Level 3 ASD certification training, Oscott Manor School, Birmingham, UK, 2010-2011

“Autism and the Family,” Hillingdon Autistic Care and Support, London, UK, 2009

“Successful Inclusion Strategies for Students with ASD,” Inclusion: Effective Practice conference, Birmingham, UK, 2009

“Improving the Heath and Well-Being of People with Autism,” Glasgow University Medical School conference, Glasgow, UK, 2009

“Working with Children and Young People with ASD in the School Years,” Autism Today conference, Manchester, UK, 2008.

Customised Sessions
Custom-tailored sessions are my speciality. Is there an autism or disability-related topic your staff, members or clients want to know more about? Just ask—I would be happy to help.

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